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El Dorado Wine Movement

Marketing, Public Relations, Email Communication

When the El Dorado Wine Movement came to us seeking help to promote their new app launch for the very first, wine region subscription (also known as Adventurship) in El Dorado County, we naturally felt like a grape fit — we are a wild bunch who loves wine and the outdoors, after all. In this partnership, we worked closely with the El Dorado team to promote their new feature using a variety of marketing, public relations, and email communication tactics.


Brand Building

As we prepared to take complete control of advertising and social media campaigns, our first step was to bring this adventurous brand to life. We pulled together design assets that would be crucial to building compelling ad creative for social media.

wine grape.png

wine stain

wine grapes


gradient overlay


El Dorado map

wine grape.png
wine grape.png


Not only did we create the promo video above, but we also designed ads to boost on Facebook and Instagram. Aside from social media advertisements, we ran local-focused and tourism-focused ads on Google Ads, all of which helped to reach a larger audience in increasing El Dorado Wine Movement's brand awareness, and in turn, the number of Adventurship sign-ups.

Adventurship Ad_General_Instagram_Call t

Pricing Promotion

Are you an explorer or a trailblazer? This pricing promotion ad is targeted towards curious customers who want to learn more about the different membership levels that the El Dorado Wine Movement has to offer. 

General Promotion

Are you ready for Adventurship? This general promotion ad aims to encourage sign-ups to the very first wine country subscription of El Dorado County, where wine, adventure, and lifelong memories intersect.

Adventurship Ad_Prices_Instagram.jpg

Valentine's Day Campaign

For Valentine's Day, we designed ads to drive sign-up conversions, each with slightly varying messages to cover a wide audience.

This ad was geared towards treating your lover, especially those who love adventure, wine or food.

Who says love must be the romantic kind? We wanted to celebrate love in friendships with the development of this ad.

Intended for those who usually plan date night, this ad conveys a great option to slay Valentine's Day weekend and future date nights.

This ad targets those who tend to avoid planning date night and would rather drop a hint to their partner.

wine grape.png

Social Media

Posting consistently on social media with quality content not only boosts engagement, but also builds brand credibility. With this in mind, each month we compiled a social media schedule for both Instagram and Facebook. This content was focused on promoting the El Dorado Wine Movement, highlighting the beautiful El Dorado region, and featuring user-generated content.

wine grape.png
EDWA IG Mockup.png
wine grape.png
Public Relations Stamp.png

Public Relations

Our press releases consisted of information about this unique, experience-based wine country opportunity to local-, travel-, and wine-focused publications, writers, and influencers. We also partnered with local tourism destinations to promote the app directly to those planning to travel to the area.

Email Communications

Since it's important to provide clear and professional information to Adventurship members that matches the brand of the app and the established brand marketing, we not only set up a branded email template, but we also cultivated relevant, quality content to communicate to Adventurship members.

Email Communications.png
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