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Our Story


Big Red Marketing officially grew from a one man shop to a team. At the start of the year, recognizing that to best serve client goals, she wanted to be able to pull from more than one person's talents, Amanda hired her first Big Red Marketing employee.


Big Red Marketing and Amanda were recognized by the Cal Travel Association as an emerging leader in the tourism marketing industry.


Throughout the years, the team has grown from one to a couple to the current full team. However, throughout this growth, it has remained a crucial priority to not allow the company to grow beyond a size that would cause it to lose its grasp on the connection and quality of work produced for each client, no matter the size.

Big Red Marketing began in 2012 when proprietress, Amanda, endeavored to discover the next chapter in her career. Inspired by the numerous family members that have started their own businesses and by the entrepreneurial spirit that is particularly present on the Central Coast, Amanda had always considered this a part of her professional journey. 


As the company continued to grow it outgrew its original LLC structure. This year marked the incorporation of Big Red Marketing and continued growth of the team, including adding its first full-time employee.


Big Red Marketing accepted its first award from the Pacific Coast Business times as a Best Place to work on the California Central Coast.


Origins of the Logo

The name Big Red comes from the Paso Robles vineyard that Amanda grew up on. The iconic scene as you drove onto the property was a big red barn. Both the barn and graphic elements of three vineyard rows have been integrated into the Big Red Marketing brand.

The barns doors reflect a skylight appeal to represent the company’s marketing goals of spotlighting our clients' messages.

Just as the barn intentionally extends slightly beyond the containing box, our team comes up with innovative, outside-the-box client solutions. We are not afraid to push the boundaries to deliver the best for our clients.


The three white strips allude to three rows of grapevines. The original Big Red vineyard had three varieties of grapes; however, symbolically, like a well-blended wine, the three pillar qualities of Big Red (company culture, client solutions, and community impact) work in conjunction with one another that allows us to deliver a differentiated experience to our clients.


The quality of our work comes from the quality of our team.


Team Hike!

As a company started by a millennial and that is heavily comprised of millennials, we take a less-than-traditional approach to the definition of office. Heck, our proprietress literally wrote the book on managing millennials (no seriously, check out Listening to Millennials: 56 Priceless Tips for Managers). 

We have seen first-hand how a team member that is able to maintain a comprehensive life balance can bring their best work forward in the professional space. Our team is encouraged to find balance through pursuing their other roles as mothers, world travelers, fur-mamas, community and religion advocates, members of our own family businesses, and many others. 

As we look at delivering on our commitment to serve our clients' passion, we have developed key company culture practices to ensure that the full capacity of the team is applied towards achieving our clients' goals.


Each week, Amanda sends an email to the full team. The email begins with a comment on approach to marketing; then it summarizes the demands of the week’s schedule to ensure everyone is on the same page with each team member’s workload, deadlines, and availability.


Weekly, the team engages in a brief educational presentation to keep skills sharp in the constantly evolving strategies of marketing. Following this educational moment, team members share one example of client work they consider a “high point” of the week and ask for input on one area of client work they feel they could be improving.


As individual members find themselves stagnant on a particular project, it is submitted to the Brainstorm Board. Regularly, the full team gathers to review the topics listed. We find that the collaborative conversation and the use of seven minds to explore a challenge lends to discovering a best-fit situation more efficiently and effectively.


We choose to be in marketing because we love that at the end of the day our job is never done. Big Red Marketing is committed to continuing education both through our weekly meetings and through classes, conferences, and educational outlets.

Our Clients

We are proud to work with non-profit organizations and family-owned businesses. Everyone on the team recognizes there’s something special about life on the Central Coast. When we look at the fabric that makes up the region, we are inspired by the impact of the one-of-a-kind family-owned businesses and the never-deterred dedication of the non-profit organizations that we feel privileged to work with as clients.

Family-Owned Businesses

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Non-Profit Organizations

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